Energizing Orange & Almond Salt Scrub

I’m looking out the window at our first soaking rain of the season and wishing I could curl up and watch movies all day.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

To get me out of my lazy state of mind, I needed an energizing pick me up and I realized it had been a really long time since I last posted about beauty.

Sometimes the smallest things make us feel pampered and this scrub is one of those things.  It is quite possibly the easiest scrub ever and it’s perfect for combating the dry skin that comes along when the temperature drops.  My skin was sublimely soft for days afterward.

Energizing Orange Sea Salt Scrub

  • 1/4 c. sea salt- I recommend a mix between coarse and fine grind sea salt
  • 1/8 c. almond oil
  • 5 drops of orange essential oil

Mix all ingredients into a jar and use on your hands, feet, knees and elbows to exfoliate and moisturize.


Smelling Like Roses

And I’m not talking about these lovelies from my front yard…

I’m actually talking about a bit of a stinky situation…

My 10th grade teacher refused to wear deodorant.  Did I mention we were in a school with intermittent air conditioning?  Well, this know-it-all teenager thought he was a crazy, smelly old man who was just afraid of getting cancer.

My wisdom is baffling.

Turns out his worries were valid – ever heard of aluminum salts, parabens, triclosan, need I go on?

I finally came to my senses and made the switch to a natural deodorant.  My mind was convinced, my nose was not… let’s just say that finding a product that actually worked was quite a challenge.

First, I tried Arm & Hammer Essential’s Natural Deodorant… I suffered through 3 stinky weeks and moved on.

I tried Toms, then I promptly threw it away and went back to my old, conventional standby.

I returned to the search but JASON was just another bust (although I LOVE their toothpaste).

Then I tried Kiss My Face and let me tell you, no one would want to…

Just when I thought I had exhausted all of my options, I discovered Weleda at my local health foods store.

This stuff lasts through yoga sessions, 5 mile runs, spin classes, BodyRock workouts and walks with the dog… all in one day.


But seriously… since I have this crazy allergy to tea tree oil, I chose the Wild Rose scent and now my world smells a whole lot sweeter.

A Little Love

Sorry for the absence, I spent the past two days hanging out with this sweet, wide-eyed baby girl who happens to look slightly terrified of this childless woman with a 120 lb. dog.

Anyway, I’m back today to tell you about some products I totally love right now, some of them are just so awesome you should probably go buy them this minute!

1) A tea rest from Crate & Barrel- my husband teased me relentlessly about wanting this but I swear I use it whenever I drink bagged tea!  It is SO convenient!

2) This pretty mug from Anthropologie is the perfect start to my morning.

3) Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Sampler- this organic and free trade tea sampler includes 4 mini tea tins (4 bags each) in flavors like Raspberry Earl, Egyptian Mint, Ambrosia Plum, Italian Chamomile.  When I’m finished with the tea, I can use the jars to hold things like bobby pins, thumbtacks, paperclips, etc.

4) The Naked Bee 70% Organic Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion in Orange Blossom Honey- Ohmygosh, I seriously cannot even tell you how much I love this lotion and this scent.  I was lucky enough to find it at a small market in Bisbee, AZ and the first product I purchased was a soap bar to use in the guest bath.  I am SO glad I tried more of the product line.  This company is based in Tennessee and they put tons of good stuff in this lotion like aloe, sunflower oil, green & white tea extract, honey, spirulina, sage, chamomile, rosemary, mint, calendula extract, beeswax- the list goes on.  This lotion does not have parabens, propylene glycol, alcohol, dyes, mineral oil, phthalates, or SLS.  I just bought 3 bottles just to stock up- I LOVE this stuff!  When I said you should go buy some of these items today, this is the product I was talking about!

5) tarte cosmetics multiplEYE eyeliner- I suppose it is a good thing I never aspired to become a surgeon because I seriously lack a steady hand (and a strong grip for that matter) but this eyeliner is so great for highlighting eyes and adding definition even when my hand is a little shaky.  This is probably the best eyeliner I have ever used, sometimes for an extra smoky eye, I mix it with a Smashbox pencil.  Even my sister who constantly points out eye makeup flaws and can spot blue liner from a mile away approves of this stuff!

6) The Naked Bee Beeswax & Soybean Wax Travel Candle- this candle is parrafin-free and clean burning, it is a tiny little thing but great when I am on the go and want to bring a little bit of home with me without over-filling my suitcase (what I really mean is, this candle fits nicely amongst all of the shoes).

Another day I will tell you about the workout gear I currently love, stuff that is pretty, most likely pink and totally motivating.

Have a great Thursday!

I did not receive endorsements for these products, they are just things I genuinely adore.