Birthday Treats

Remember when you brought treats to school for your birthday and everyone sang to you?

Now, if you bring treats to your workplace and demand singing you are perceived as creepy and kicked off the happy-hour invite list.  It’s so unfortunate.

Is it still weird if your wife makes the treats and demands you take them to work on a day that just so happens to be your birthday?  No singing required.

I certainly hope not because I sent my husband off to work with some insanely delicious homemade Pumpkin Oatmeal Creme Pies.  It’s his birthday and the first day we are allowed to cheat on Sugar-Free September without a mile-run-per-offense punishment.

We don’t have big plans; we are just celebrating his 29th year with a little chocolate, a lot of meat and maybe a gin and tonic (or two)- totally his idea of a good time.  Oh, and I’m super excited to announce that he is finally trading in his Env or Chocolate or whatever old-fashioned cell phone for an iPhone 5 and I could not be more thrilled!  Good things come to those who wait and he has been waiting 4 years!  I’m totally impressed, I gave in a long time ago.

Now I can only hope his coworkers don’t send him home with a shaved head…




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