Chambord Mimosas

If you don’t have brunch plans for this weekend, you should probably change your schedule.

I might invite myself over to your house to make a little breakfast and a huge mess.

Note to self: When you take a picture pouring champagne, be sure you are actually pouring the champagne into the glass and not onto the countertop.  Oh, and when you put your camera on top of the refrigerator, make sure it doesn’t overlap the doors because otherwise it might fall 6 feet to the floor. Ouch.

Chambord isn’t something I purchase on a regular basis but I decided to pick some up this week and experiment with mimosas.  This black raspberry liqueur adds an unexpected sweetness and twist to the traditional mimosa.

Chambord Mimosa

Serves 4

1 bottle of champagne

2 splashes of Chambord

Orange juice – freshly squeezed is always best (you will need about 8 juicy oranges) but your favorite OJ from the grocery store will work as well.

Fill each glass halfway with champagne, add 2 splashes of Chambord and fill the rest of the glass with orange juice.

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