Weekday Round Up

I walked outside to find my dog sitting like this and staring at a “cat” across the street.  The “cat” was actually a black bag in the neighbor’s driveway and the staring contest, lip snarling and low growling went on for 15 minutes.  Hilarious!

We stumbled across a local spice shop this week and found things like ghost chili powder w/ chocolate and sea salt, New Mexico green chile powder and sweet crystallized ginger.  We will definitely be back!

Wildflowers on a morning walk…

My new favorite mixer…

I wasn’t supposed to buy this desk but I totally fell in love and it fits our space so well!  Eventually I will switch out the printer stand with a stylish, white file cabinet (if those even exist) and I might swap the current chair for an industrial style metal chair or vintage, wooden chair painted a bright color like magenta or turquoise.

We are glamming it up this weekend for Mil Ball then hosting Sunday brunch to kick off the beginning of Shark Week- it’s something I never, ever cared about in the past but this year it seems like a good excuse to hang out with friends and enjoy spicy Bloody Marys, gluten-free red velvet pancakes, ceviche and smoked salmon, quinoa almost-but-not-quite-eggs-benedict.

Have a great weekend!


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