Back-to-School Lunch Round Up

{First of all, I want to give a shout out to my lil sis, Maria, for her birthday!!  I can’t wait to see her next week!}

Autumn is a little bit crazy in our family with birthdays and anniversaries falling within weeks (and sometimes days) of each other and Maria’s birthday always kicks it all off!  Back to school madness falls somewhere in there too; the kiddos around here go back tomorrow!

We have hundreds of kids in our neighborhood who are outside at all hours of the day running, riding bikes, playing games, tormenting my dog and screaming (OMG the screaming!). While their energy is really refreshing and their activity brings a smile to my face, I’m a little thankful that school is starting again!

But seriously, have you seen school cafeteria food?  The fish sandwich I saw sitting in a Principal’s office could sit for a week and still look the same.

In honor of hectic mornings and evenings filled with homework (if teachers are still allowed to give such a thing) I rounded up quick and easy lunch ideas that are generally Paleo friendly and great for kids who actually eat their lunch rather than throwing it away to buy a Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookie and a soda; I never did that sort of thing.

13 Paleo friendly kid’s lunches

The basics to building a healthy lunch:

Protein: shredded chicken (leftover maybe?), nitrate-free deli meat roll ups, tuna (okay maybe kids won’t eat tuna), hard-boiled eggs

Fruit & Veg: Cut up seasonal fruit, carrots, celery w/ almond butter and raisins, bell peppers, whole fruit, corn-syrup free, minimally processed fruit cups, grapes, left over veggies from the night before, a small salad, homemade sweet potato fries (leftovers)

Sweet Treat: a sliver of dark chocolate (not exactly Paleo but it’s better than a whole Snicker’s bar!)

A Drink: water, water and more water

A cool, insulating lunch box:

I hope you all have a great back-to-school week (if that applies)!


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