Hopping on the Bar Cart

When we moved into this house we quickly realized that we didn’t have a built-in bar or extra cabinet space for barware and our ever-expanding liquor supply.  I saw some vintage bar carts floating around Pinterest and decided it would be the best solution; with our limited space, the ability to move the cart from one area to another for entertaining or redecorating is essential.

We shopped online and searched Craigslist before heading to the antique mall where we struck gold (er… brass).  We found this guy for $40; a steal when some new carts sell for around $1500, a price we certainly weren’t willing to pay for a piece we may only use for a year.

For now, this guy sits under our favorite wedding photo but the display is far from perfect.

Our white walls truly bore me and I’m completely bothered by the fact that the frame does not match the wood on the cart.

I fell in love with this print from Minted that will inject some much-needed color into the otherwise neutral room.  Unfortunately, having just bought some new furniture, wall art will have to wait a bit so I might attempt an inspired DIY project instead.

I think the print will nicely complement our West Elm Andalusia rug that currently ties our otherwise neutral living room together.

As always, things are a work in progress around here, I will update you when things start looking pretty!


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