Shopping Trip Randomness

This is why I shouldn’t go to Whole Foods…

This is why I should:

Cilantro.Mint.Jalapeno.Pesto= Pure amazingness.

Last week a helpful guy from the seafood dept. searched the entire store for Rub With Love’s Salmon Rub and he was so apologetic when he couldn’t find it anywhere.  Yesterday he recognized me, said he finally found the rub and gave it to me as a “sample.”  I love shopping in a place with great service.

We had a great time at an outdoor jazz concert as part of the city’s summer concert series. I love that there are so many things to do here!  This weekend we will probably check out another outdoor concert then glue ourselves to our TV to watch the Olympics.

I’m still in awe that I can see Pike’s Peak from my neighborhood and the front range from my house. This morning I sat in the gym parking lot for a minute and just ogled.

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Shopping Trip Randomness

  1. Gah – that chocolate! I’ve learned my lesson with bars of chocolate. I don’t have the self control to stop, haha 🙂 It looks beautiful where you are… hope you enjoy it this weekend 🙂

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