Getting Settled


What a whirlwind of a week.  We spent 9 days searching for a new home and fought an uphill battle to receive return phone calls from property managers until all of a sudden we found & fell in love with a place, signed a lease, got the keys and had our stuff delivered within two days.

We spent the weekend unpacking and trying to make this place feel like our own, even if it is only ours for a year.  I love creating nooks with personal items and photos like this vignette on my dresser where I can artfully display jewelry on this mirrored tray I inherited from my grandma.  Her father gave it to her when she was a girl and it is so special to me.

We desperately needed more storage to house all of our stemware so we installed these white shelves in the kitchen.  Open shelving is so trendy (and functional) right now and it really fit with the layout of our kitchen.  I want to add decorative brackets and I’m sure the display will change so this project is still evolving.

We spent yesterday evening creating a small photo gallery on the stairs; it was difficult to get the angle just right and laying out the photos beforehand was essential.  One of my favorite tricks is to cut pieces of cardboard to the photo size and tape them on the wall before hanging the actual pictures.

We are both ready to get back into our routine and spend free time exploring our new surroundings rather than unpacking boxes.  Despite the craziness, we managed to squeeze in an afternoon trip to breathtaking Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater to catch up with my cousins from Maryland.

I have some great posts planned for this week.  A 2-part series about TV and the tempting effects of commercials, homemade daily shower cleaner, natural patio privacy tips and a recipe or two so be sure to check back!


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