Moving Week- Eating Healthy on the Road

Driving 8 hours alone is certainly no picnic…

Driving 12 hours through 3 states in 2 days with 2 cars, 1 trailer and 1 giant dog for the 2nd time in a year is my reality.

I’m beginning to feel like a vagrant from The Glass Castle.

As a kid, food was my favorite part of a road trip; except when my family had a giant van with a TV and fold down bed; then I loved watching Full House and dancing to Belinda Carlisle between the captain’s chairs.

I have no idea why I liked the food so much because it was usually a late night dinner at McDonalds, Wendy’s or Subway followed by greasy hand prints all over the leather seats.

These days, I stop at landmark restaurants along the route and check out nearby National Parks and historic sights.  Maybe I’m realizing that life is about the journey or maybe it’s because I got a ticket for rolling a stop sign on my way to close on our house in Georgia and my Realtor sweetly said “ha, bless your heart, I told you nothing good happens when you rush.”

I spent some time searching past episodes of No Reservations, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and browsing to make sure we get some decent meals during our move.  I cannot even tell you how giddy I am about stopping for lunch in Hatch, NM; the green chile capital of the world!

Eating on the road isn’t only about stopping for meals.  I like to snack when I drive alone and without planning I can quickly run into trouble.  I might find a package of cashews or trail mix at the gas station but lets face it, I’m really walking out with a giant bag of gummy worms.

With summer vacation upon us, I want to share some ideas for easy, portable snacks perfect for driving with or without kids.  Trust me. I take a lot of road trips.


  • Clif Builder Bars
  • Beef Jerky
  • Turkey Jerky
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Garlic & Sea Salt Sunflower Seeds (peeled)
  • Coconut Water


  • KIND Bars
  • Bananas
  • RAW Blueberry Granola Bars
  • Dried Turkish Figs
  • Coconut Water
  • Ginger Tea

Tips for choosing and transporting healthy snacks,

  • Pack a small, soft-sided cooler, one per car, I love my cooler bags from thirty-one, cute and functional.
  • Load up one side with food and one with water bottles, coconut water, etc.
  • Stock up on snacks and drinks without refined sugar, gluten, MSG or nitrates.
  • Choose sturdy fruits and vegetables that travel well and are easy to eat.
  • Place snacks into individual containers or baggies for easy distribution.
  • Keep a trash bag handy for easy disposal at the next gas station.

Planning ahead is key to staying healthy on the road.  Before you make that long road trip this summer take a few extra minutes to pick up snacks that will fuel the whole family.


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