30 Day Challenge Wrap Up

It’s June 30th!

That means our challenge ends today!

Here is a quick refresher: For 30 days we eliminated sugar, flour, gluten, cheese & alcohol (except red wine) from our diet.  Yes, we generally eat Paleo but with an upcoming move and goodbye dinners, BBQs and dining out we were getting a little off track.

Here is recap of our results:


  • Overall: -6 lbs. with suddenly well-defined abs
  • Binges: flour tortillas and fresh bread
  • Hardest thing to give up: a casual beer with the guys
  • Number of cheats: 4 (400 push ups)


  • Overall: -1 lb. with a lot more arm definition
  • Binges: Specialty cocktails and fresh mozzarella
  • Hardest thing to give up: cocktails
  • Number of cheats: 6 (350 push ups)

We accomplished what we set out to do; while we generally allowed ourselves a cheat meal once a week, we were very mindful because whatever we chose would cost us some push ups!

I hope you enjoy this week of BBQ-ing and celebrating the 4th of July with friends and family!

So, did you start a challenge of your own?  It’s not too late to start one in July!


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