The Week Ends the Week Begins

I dare you eat at an authentic Italian restaurant and stick to this 30 Day Challenge.

This guy laughed in the face of temptation- Bob chose the Cioppino, an Italian seafood stew in marinara sauce that happened to be larger than his head.  There is a good chance the dish contained a bit of sugar but he made a really good choice.

I wore a seersucker blazer and coral jeans to Bob’s last softball game; I should tell you that I was sitting downwind from a Pizza Hut box, surrounded by 3 barking Chihuahuas, 10 barefooted babies covered in dirt and 2 authentic cowboys dressed as if they just finished their shift at the OK Corral in Tombstone.  I fit in so well.

60 eggs showed up in our house for the first time.  Five dozen.  I bet they will disappear in 2.5 weeks.

I found this book about my grandpa while sorting through some boxes, more on that later.

Thunderstorms rolled in on Saturday but we did not mind a bit- it was the first rain in 3+ months and I almost started singing and dancing.

I might miss this view and these sunsets.

Bacon loves to play in the San Pedro River, we haven’t encountered a rattlesnake there yet and I’m crossing my fingers that we never do!

The week ahead:
A quick, easy and unique salad recipe
The dish on negative calorie foods
A great weekend breakfast idea, sweet banana, almond flour pancakes

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