A Healthy Father’s Day

So many Father’s Day cards joke about letting dad have full control of the remote, but in my opinion, the weather in June is too nice to spend an entire Sunday indoors watching TV.  This Father’s Day, I hope you are able to do something active and make some memories with your dad.

Here are some ideas to celebrate Father’s Day that won’t break your waistline or the bank.


  • Go golfing, without the cart
  • Hike up a mountain
  • Have a picnic in the park, throw around a football or soccer ball
  • Get out on the water; rent kayaks, go fishing, paddle boating, or motor boating
  • Attend church as a family
  • Rather than going to a baseball game, grab some neighbors and play your own
  • Explore a neighboring town
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Challenge yourself at a rock climbing gym
  • Get dressed up and take some pictures of dad & the kids- make it an annual tradition
  • Play tennis together


  • A gift certificate for a service he might like (i.e. haircuts, golf lessons, massage)
  • Clothes (is my dad the only one who requests clothes?)
  • A car wash & wax
  • New grilling tools & a few pounds of grass-fed beef and fresh fish
  • Sodium free grilling rubs, we swear by Rub with Love but you can easily make your own
  • SmartWool socks- I guess it’s a weird gift but seriously, who doesn’t love these socks?
  • Grooming products made from natural ingredients, check out LUSH for some great options
  • A pedometer- have a contest to see who can take more steps throughout the day
  • A Camelback for all of those outdoor summer activities
  • A bike odometer

I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from these lists and that you celebrate a happy and healthy Father’s Day this weekend!


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