A Battle of Willpower

Things are getting pretty intense around here…

BBQ’s, farewell dinners and late nights are wreaking havoc on our normal diet and with only 3 weeks before our big move to Colorado this is the worst time to get off track.  I am all about keeping things fun so I posed a little challenge to help us stay mindful of the things going into our mouths when we are surrounded by sweet & savory treats.

This challenge is not for everyone; I want to encourage you to create your own 30-day challenge with whatever temptations you struggle with; too much tv, shopping, ice cream, etc.  Simply print the calendar (below), put it on your refrigerator and challenge a friend or significant other to a battle of willpower!

Bob & Rachel’s 30 Day Challenge


No refined sugar or artificial sweeteners 

What!? No ice cream during the summer? 

I hear you.  Giving up sugar for Lent was so difficult but definitely worth the effort.  I am a firm believer that sugar is addictive and I know when I have reached my threshold because my cravings start to return.  For us, the obstacle comes in avoiding hidden sugars; some of my favorite sushi rolls are now off-limits as are my occasional gelato runs.

No gluten

Gluten intolerance (different from Celiac Disease) makes it easy for me to resist gluten-containing foods; at least until someone puts a loaf of freshly baked sourdough and Spanish olive oil in front of my face.  The sweet aroma almost makes me rationalize that the side effects are worth it – turns out they are not…  Eating the smallest slice of bread or serving of pasta makes both of us feel miserable but we feel amazing when these foods are out of our diet.

No cheese

Cheese is my biggest weakness, we rarely keep it in the house but it is often part of the antipasto plates we share when dining with friends.  Cheese is so hard to resist so I’m challenging myself to give it up completely; at least for 30 days.

No Alcohol

Do the Crime – Do the Time

So you wanna cheat on the challenge?  Okay, but be prepared to pay up.

The cheater has to record the offense on the calendar and owes 100 push ups plus dish duty for the evening meal.

It’s important to choose a punishment that will discourage you from cheating!  We both loathe washing dishes and I certainly cannot do 100 push ups in sequence so a cheat for me requires dropping to give 20, 5 times a day.  No thanks.

After we eliminate all of those foods from our diet, we are left with the staples: fruits, veggies, lean protein and quinoa.

This is truly a challenge but we are off to a great start!  Take a few minutes to think about your indulgences, download the calendar and let the competition begin!

30 Day Challenge Template DOC

30 Day Challenge Template PDF


3 thoughts on “A Battle of Willpower

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