“So, Do You Lift Weights?”

What is it about that question that sends shivers up my spine?

To me, this question is the equivalent of asking a non-pregnant woman when she is due.

Sure, I can squat like nobody’s business but dead lifts hurt my sciatic nerve (yes, I am practically 80 years old) and I’ll leave the cleans & chest presses to my husband.  Calluses on my hands?  No thank you, I’m much too Scarlett O’Hara for that business.

So, if I omit the typical weight-lifting exercises and focus on high reps using body weight and 10-20 lb. weights can I really say “yes, I lift weights?”

My answer is usually a meek “not really, well, only light weights” while looking down at the floor until the person asking says “oh, you look like you lift weights and I would like to get started.”

Gee, thanks for the compliment.

I should celebrate my muscular frame but I get offended. “Am I too bulky?  Do I look like a man to you?”

I am slowly learning to say “yes, I lift weights because, in case you hadn’t heard, strength training is great for women!”

I’ll prove it:

Lifting weights builds muscle
Muscle makes you stronger and women don’t carry the hormones to make them “bulk up”
More muscle leads to a faster metabolism
A faster metabolism means more weight loss
Muscle growth and weight loss means a toned look and improved athletic ability
Adding weight builds balance and coordination – I need all the help I can get in this department
Plus, strength training can help ward off diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis, who wants any of that stuff?

So this week I really want to encourage you to get in the gym and add some light weights to your normal routine and answer this question with a resounding YES.


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