Smelling Like Roses

And I’m not talking about these lovelies from my front yard…

I’m actually talking about a bit of a stinky situation…

My 10th grade teacher refused to wear deodorant.  Did I mention we were in a school with intermittent air conditioning?  Well, this know-it-all teenager thought he was a crazy, smelly old man who was just afraid of getting cancer.

My wisdom is baffling.

Turns out his worries were valid – ever heard of aluminum salts, parabens, triclosan, need I go on?

I finally came to my senses and made the switch to a natural deodorant.  My mind was convinced, my nose was not… let’s just say that finding a product that actually worked was quite a challenge.

First, I tried Arm & Hammer Essential’s Natural Deodorant… I suffered through 3 stinky weeks and moved on.

I tried Toms, then I promptly threw it away and went back to my old, conventional standby.

I returned to the search but JASON was just another bust (although I LOVE their toothpaste).

Then I tried Kiss My Face and let me tell you, no one would want to…

Just when I thought I had exhausted all of my options, I discovered Weleda at my local health foods store.

This stuff lasts through yoga sessions, 5 mile runs, spin classes, BodyRock workouts and walks with the dog… all in one day.


But seriously… since I have this crazy allergy to tea tree oil, I chose the Wild Rose scent and now my world smells a whole lot sweeter.


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