A Shopping Lesson

I like to pretend I am a conscientious shopper.

When it comes to shoes, clothes and jewelry I search every online retailer for hours on end until I find the perfect items.  Yet, on a whim, I buy crazy stuff like this stroller and when I am in the market for a road bike I go into one store, ride one bike for 2 minutes and decide THIS IS IT…


I finally ventured out to this fabulous, Tucson grocery store that I heard so much about, it is similar to Whole Foods but AJ’s stores are only located in Arizona.  I loved it!  My favorite part was the welcoming patio where you can sit and enjoy a fresh lunch.  I had a great time browsing the entire store and picking up things I cannot seem to find in oh-so-lovely Sierra Vista.

I really wanted to try some recipes using rose & orange blossom water so imagine my excitement when I found these!  I put these beauties into my cart (they were pretty so they had to be awesome), checked out, drove home, grabbed my camera and saw this…


In most cases, I check food & cosmetic ingredient labels like a fanatic and avoid products containing propylene glycol, SLS, parabens, MSG, etc, etc. and what is the FIRST ingredient on the list?  Propylene glycol! Are you kidding me?  What is the second?  Alcohol.  It never crossed my mind that these bottles might contain ingredients other than the one listed on the front label.

So now I don’t know what to do with these… any ideas?

This time I really learned my lesson, always, always, always check the ingredient labels and stop being so IMPULSIVE!  Well, maybe I will work on the last one, at least until I see something shiny, or pink.


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