Impulse Shopping and the Monday Meal Plan

It’s Monday again!

I hope you had a great weekend!  Mine was full of this…

A scenic 4-mile hike into Garden Canyon, ruby red grapefruit margaritas and a whole lot of impulse shopping- not in that order.

Do you see that stroller?  Yeah, it’s mine.

I do not have a child, I am not pregnant (hence the margaritas), I am not trying to become pregnant (I see your eyes rolling).

But, when I spotted this B.O.B. Revolution SE for ONLY $75 (reg. $400) at the REI Member’s Only Garage Sale you better believe I snatched it- I have a very competitive nature.  We will definitely need it sometime in the not-so-near future. For the moment, this beauty is sitting in our family room and we are resisting the temptation to buckle our dog in it and run him around the house just to test the shock absorbers (margaritas, what?).

What else did we buy?  Snowshoes to use when we move to Colorado in JULY- yeah, those will do us a lot of good during the summer. 🙂

You are rolling your eyes again aren’t you?

You are probably more interested in this week’s meal plan than my silly shopping adventures.  While creating this menu, I tried to find recipes that use some grocery items we already have in the house while incorporating the impulse buys from our weekend trip to Trader Joe’s.  The closest Trader Joe’s is an hour and a half away so I go a little crazy buying random things whenever I make the trip.  Apparently IMPULSIVE was the theme of the weekend.

Monday: Arctic Char with a Mint Sweet & Sour Sauce served with Cucumber Ribbons in a Lemongrass Vinaigrette; I really have no idea how these intense flavors will pair together, I  think the pairing could either be completely overwhelming or absolutely fabulous, all I can do is try!

Tuesday: Bun-less Greek Turkey Burgers (ground turkey with spinach, feta, oregano & garlic served with cucumbers) served with Sauteed Red Cabbage & Mediterranean Dressing

Wednesday: Shrimp Lettuce Wraps; this is one of our favorite recipes, we wrap the ingredients in green leaf lettuce or eat everything as a salad, in our house the rice noodles are optional

Thursday:  Cuban Spiced Chicken Thighs (without the chorizo and rice) with Fennel and Grapefruit Salad (without the Gorgonzola)

Friday: Beef & Basil Stir Fry (recipe to follow later this week)

Saturday we are hosting a “Hasta Luego” party to say goodbye to some of the wonderful friends we have come to know over the last 5 months,  I am putting together a healthy array of appetizers and a menu for a homemade margarita bar.  Entertaining is such a joy and I love to provide a healthy, yet delicious menu so I can indulge along with the guests.

That wraps up this week’s meal plan, I hope this post helps you find some new and delicious recipes to try!




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