The Green Healed Challenge

I first mentioned the Green Healed Challenge here as part of my round up of challenges from around the web.  This post contains the full details of the challenge and I encourage you to give it a try, stick it out for five weeks and make part of your routine.

The GREAT thing is that each day’s cleaning checklist should only take between 15-30 minutes to complete!  Cleaning is the last thing I want to do on weekends and this schedule gives me the flexibility to tidy up when I time during the evening.

Taking the Green Healed Challenge means implementing the weekly cleaning checklist as it best suits the needs of your family for FIVE weeks.  EACH WEEK you will make a NATURAL change in the way you clean your home with a focus on a new day every week.  Yes, that means each week your challenge will take place on a different day.  Throughout the challenge I will offer tips, tricks, recipes and product recommendations for swapping your current cleaning products.

Check out the schedule & challenge dates below:

Green Healed Challenge Cleaning Schedule PDF

WEEK 1: Monday, January 9th

Your Challenge:  Change the way you mop your floor or clean your countertops

WEEK 2: Tuesday, January 17th

Your challenge: Swap your toilet bowl cleaner or glass cleaner for a healthier version that works just as well.  Do you already use natural cleaners?  What about the laundry soap you use for your linens? 

WEEK 3: Wednesday, January 25th

Your challenge: Try a homemade tub & shower scrub for a cleaner, greener shower

WEEK 4: Thursday, February 2nd

Your challenge: Find a new way to dust and polish your furniture without chemicals that burn your nose

WEEK 5: Friday, February 10th

Your challenge: A natural way to clean the kitchen and cooktop

I will be back next week with product substitutions, tips and tricks.  Have a great weekend!


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