A Year of Challenges

Every New Year brings the opportunity to challenge oneself in a new way; whether through physical fitness, financial mindfulness or the desire to try new things.  There are so many challenges around the web; here are a few of my favorites and a green challenge of my own!

365 Project

Participants take a picture each day to document the uniqueness of their life.  It is a chance to improve photography skills and create a journal of sorts, a picture is worth 1,000 words, right?

 30-Day Photography Challenge from Click it Up a Notch

You may have seen this one on Pinterest, my husband and I are taking this challenge with the added task of shooting every picture in manual mode.


BodyRock.TV 30-Day Challenge

Have you checked out BodyRock.TV?  This site offers great home workouts; I’m not ditching my spin or yoga classes but these are a great addition to build strength and tone.  The BodyRock community provides fantastic motivation to help you stick to your fitness goals!

Gratitude Challenge

Throughout the month of November, a lot of friends (myself included) wrote down things they were thankful for in preparation for Thanksgiving, why stop there?  This challenge encourages you to write 5 things you are grateful for each day.  Imagine the joy when you look back on 1,825 things for which you were thankful in 2012!

40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge by Little Lucy Lu

Another fun Pinterest find, this challenges you to get organized and purge things you no longer need.


The Green Healed Life Challenge (a personal favorite)

Are you familiar with the 15-30 minute daily cleaning method?  I have been researching this lately in hopes of improving my home-keeping skills.  There is nothing I hate more than spending an entire Saturday cleaning the house.  TOMORROW I will lay out the details of the challenge, it involves cleaning your house in less time with less toxins.  The Mister and I are very excited to implement these routines and introduce more eco-friendly and homemade cleaners into our home beginning on Monday!  Details will be released tomorrow so check back!

This year, challenge yourself to grow and continue to learn new things!  I challenge you to take the first steps today!


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