It is that time of year again!  The time when the gym is packed, kale & bananas are sold out of every grocery store in town (seriously sad), and newly enlightened shoppers attempt to navigate the produce department while staring at the descriptions of various types of lettuce before tossing a head of iceberg into their cart.  I’m all for adopting a healthy lifestyle, if you are going to stick with it; but most resolutions fade within a few weeks.

Every year I make a list of goals, not resolutions.  Things I want to focus on during the year to help me grow.  I’m usually successful in achieving most goals on my list and here is why:

1) the goals are specific

2) attainable

3) the document is living and visible

2011 was a big year, very challenging, heartbreaking and full of personal breakthroughs; 2012 will bring more triathlons (maybe even an Olympic) and athletic challenges, a deepening of my yoga practice and a move to Colorado along with many more travels and blog posts.  Each Monday, I will post my weekly meal plan, I began sending the plans out to my family so they can try new recipes and starting next week I will share them here too.

Cheers to a HEALTHY, GREEN and PRODUCTIVE 2012 full of new experiences and many memories!




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