The WHOLE Story

Terrifying.  That is my thought about having children, even after somewhere between 2 and 4 years of marriage (it depends who you ask).  I know I will come around eventually, but just not yet.  After reading about what goes into our food, the chemicals in our homes and bodies, the jump in Autism cases and food allergies; not to mention the current economic climate around the world and state of affairs in which we live; bringing a child into this world is a scary thing!  But one that is just a couple years away.

 Time to get ready.

Time to reduce our exposure to pesticides, preservatives, metals, chemicals and anything else that we cannot pronounce.

It is not about being trendy.  It’s about getting back to REAL.  Back to the basics.

The journey will be difficult and will never be 100% complete.  We are normal people and we do not live in a bubble.  We will do all we can to kick the chemicals, additives and extras out of our lives in order to make ourselves green for good.  Green for the future of the children we have yet to meet.

Stay tuned for sweet indulgences, healthy recipes, gluten free snacks, homemade beauty treatments, monthly product makeovers and much more.  Join us on the adventure and follow along we all make greener lifestyle choices. 

Get excited!



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